Just a Summer Girl

"'Cause I'm just a summer girl
I wear my flip flops
And when I let my hair down
That's when the party starts
And who needs a boyfriend
I've got my girlfriends
And when we get together
The summer never ends"
-Summer Girl by Leighton Meester (aka My Theme Song)

Tomorrow is a really big day. Last exam of fourth year. After tomorrow I will be able to officially say I’ve survived the largest hurdle of pharmacy school (well maybe besides the boards). Nothing will be able to take the smile off of my face. What a year it has been. It has not only been challenging academically, but there have been emotional and psychological challenges that come with the rigorous work of fourth year. It may have shaved a few years off of my life but I survived. I survived…

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Coming home to a dark apartment and finding myself talking to a cat has made me realize that my life may be a bit pathetic 

You know I’m really procrastinating when I find myself of Tumblr

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Watch: Drunk Uncle Appears With Seth Meyers at the 121212 Concert | Gotcha Media

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